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Наш счетчик The most beautiful Animated pictures Happy Birthday Thank you Hello Love Girls Good morning Flowers

Welcome to the world of animation

Анимационые картинки День Рождения Картинки я тебе люблю 3D animation
День рождения Birthday Любовь Love


3 D анимация
Цветы анимационные картинки самые красивые Девушки анимация
Цветы Flowers Девушки Girls Приколы Jokes


Анимационные картинки Привет Анимационные открытки Спасибо Анимационные картинки С добрым утром
Привет Hello


Спасибо Thank you Доброе утро Good morning


Блестяшки скачать анимашки со стихами надписи для гостевой книги
Gliterrs Стихи Надписи
ангелы анимация скачать Fantasy анимация скачать Природа анимация скачать
Ангелы Angels Фэнтези Fantasy Природа Nature
Свечи картинки знаменитости скачать анимация Валентинки
Свечи Candels Звезды Stars


Валентинки Valentine
Кошки картинки анимационные Anime картинки скачать собачки анимация
Кошки Cats Аниме Anime Собаки Dogs
фон скачать Добро пожаловать в мир анимации!
анимационные картинки


Our portal primarily devoted to animation pictures and postcards. Our collection of the most beautiful gif animations constantly replenished and updated. Today we have the largest online catalog of animated images Runet. In many ways it has become possible due to the fact that the leading masters of gif animations of our country are active visitors of our portal, and therefore on our site, you can always first to see their latest creations. I would like to say a big thanks to regular visitors of our portal, which help make it even more interesting and informative. Special thanks to sponsors of animated images, in particular Rosichi, Insomnia, T Joki, ilona-san, Natalie, and many others without their help the development of this portal would be impossible. News of our portal here >>
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Lessons on creation of animations

On our site you will find a lot of lessons for beginners gif animators. We describe in detail how to make animation using the most popular image-editing program Photoshop. In addition, you will find lessons to create screen savers (screensavers) with Nature Illusion Studio, the animation with the effect of water movement - Sqirlz Water Reflections and other programs. A detailed lesson on working with the program Morpheus allows you to create amazing beautiful animated pictures. Also, it will transform one image into another. Instructions for working with CrazyTalk allows you to get to talk any photos or images using the latest technologies.

Lessons on creation of animations >>
авторская анимация

Authors animations

If you are the author of animated pictures, we invite you to the Forum By animation where you can create a catalog of his works. Already many leading animators Runet brought us their own page. You can also take an active part in the development of our portal. If you have interesting information or want to send us interesting animated pictures that are not yet on our website, you can do it on the forum. To do this, sign up and there you can add your own materials. If you have any questions - you can also ask them on our forum.

Authors animations >>
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About Copyrights

1. All rights, graphics and photo materials found on our site belong to their rightful owners. 2. If you are the author of animated pictures, which is available on our forum without your permission, then you have the right to apply to the administration of a forum with the requirement to remove your work with the forum. All this fully applies to the original images or photos that could be used to create animated images. 3. Using the work of other Internet resources is permitted only with permission of the authors animations
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